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Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2
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  Battle for Europe: Call of Duty (+ UO) Campaign 7 Now Open!! - Fan Site News
  Posted by: mulrich on 07-14-2005 @ 03:57 - Source: BFE-CoD
This News Item has been viewed 5,478 times
Please note that the content of this post does not state campaign registrations are open. However, they ARE and this news post will be updated as soon as a newer version has been supplied to me.


About Battle For Europe-Call of Duty

Battle for Europe is a tournament-style campaign game for Call of Duty. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournament, Call of Duty players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand strategy map showing the progress of the war from week to week. Think of it as a cross between a strategy board game and a first-person shooter, where you can immerse yourself in realistic WW2 environments and strategy.

How BFE-Call of Duty works
Players will join an army (Allied or Axis) and be assigned to one of that army's divisions. Each army will have a commanding officer whose job it is to make strategic decisions on where his divisions will fight, and twice a week the divisions will fight battles with the opposing army on maps representing the territory being fought for. The progress of the war is displayed on a strategy map where territories change color based on which army controls them.

These battles are not just little one hour clan matches. They're full-fledged BATTLES, each lasting 12 hours, during which time players may come and go, so that you may play as much or as little as you please.

Battle For Europe-Call of Duty has been running smooth and strong for just over 2 years now, around the same time Call of Duty hit the market, and we have grown and improved BFE-CoD a huge amount!

BFE-CoD 7 Registration will open on Wednesday 13th July 2005!
[/size] [size=16]
Heres a few titbits for BFE7:
  • A new main page map: http://tinyurl.com/cvpjl

  • You will be able to pick your side for a charge of $10 OR you can go random for FREE!!!

  • There will be 2 divisions. Each division has 2 regiments. Each regiment has 2 companys.
    A company will be headed by a Lieutenant/Olt
    A regiment will be headed by a Colonel/Oberst
    A division will be headed by a General/Ogruff
    The army will still be headed by the CinC

  • There will be a seperate UO division that will play on seperate battle days to the main campaign, but it will influence the main page map. You can be a member of both the UO division and a regular cod division, but if you're allies in a regular cod division you must be allied in the UO division!

  • BPs and IPs are now seperate.
    A set amount of BPs are given to the cinc based on the number of regiments he has at the start of each bidding turn. He can spend these how he wishes, or not at all. At the end of each bidding turn, unused BPs are discarded. This means that bidding tactics are not governed by who won the last battle or by who has the biggest bid pool. Should be fun!
    IP's are generated based on how much territory is held. Roughly speaking 6-7 are generated each turn. This number can be adjusted by the admins so they're proportional to the number of regiments a cinc has. At the end of each turn the IPs are discarded. So each battle expect fortifications to be erected, destroy, weapons bought and commando raids carried out!

  • Speaking of commando raids, the rules are being entirely redone.
    Basically - a division attacks and a division defends, unlike regular battles, where regiments attack and defend. This gives rise to genuine division based special forces soldiers.
    There are now 4 types of commando raids, supply raid, ammo dump raid, fortification raid, or intelligence gathering.
    Supply raids change the oppositions weapon limit based on how successful the raid was.
    Ammo dump raids change the oppositions ammo supply based on how successful the raid was
    Fort raids remove the fortification
    Intelligence gathering removes the handicap and applies positive handicap bonuses

  • Also you'll be able to select your side for a charge of $10, but check this - instead of being assigned to a division you will automatically be assigned to a company. If we get the new system, you'll automatically be assigned to a regiment then will be prompted to pick your company. Dont forget It is still free to go random!!!

Come and checkout BFE-CoD now! Where you will enjoy meeting new mates, have great fun and I'm sure you will want to stay a few campaigns!

We play Search & Destroy game type mainly and we use a lot of custom maps but don’t let that put you off! Just come and check out BFE-CoD see if you like the atmosphere and community but trust me you won’t leave in a hurry once you get started. For communications we use TS (Teamspeak) and if you think BFE-CoD sounds kool well there’s also a whole other tournaments for other games, such as:

Battlefield 1942: http://bf1942.battleforeurope.com/
Day Of Defeat: http://dod.battleforeurope.com/

Also upcoming is our inaugural campaign in Battle for Europe with Call of Duty United Offensive. This features are own custom mod, custom and stock maps and the same full fledge battles in our CoD campaigns but now with rolling armor and all the extras that UO brings.

MyInternetServices.com has just recently purchased all of the MFOTs and MyIS will bring a whole load of new features to BFE-CoD from a new updated website to better servers with lower ping for everyone!
MyInternetServices.com is committed to making all of the Battle for Europe tournaments the biggest and the best out there so check it out!
[size=20]Soo go check out BFE-CoD here:


Check out this BFE7 Promo video:

~ The A-Team

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          Previous News Post 07-13-2005 @ 14:20 - Saving Private Ryan Movie Recreation Needs Help

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 #1 - 07-14-2005 at 04:11
Joined: September 17th, 2003
Posts: 501
Ok, Dan, your HTML code is f****d. And I've apparently used the old BFE7 one. Gimme the new one and make this s**t work...

 #2 - 07-14-2005 at 05:29
From: (East Coast..USA)
Joined: May 23rd, 2004
Posts: 410
lol...mulrich...i noticed that too...ehh

 #3 - 07-16-2005 at 16:38
Joined: January 27th, 2003
Posts: 544
this is a cool idea tho, nonetheless...

 #4 - http://www.xwow.com - 05-16-2008 at 18:44
Joined: April 27th, 2008
Posts: 9
The fourth Replica Rolex adventure that continues the story of ‘Warcraft III: Frozen Throne’, four years after conclusion, in the world of Azeroth. The game is online role-playing, the previous versions being online and offline strategy games. The major thrills and unique features are present as in every Blizzard game.

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